Sore breasts

When women think of breast disease the thought of breast cancer comes to mind. However, there are other benign breast conditions that can affect a woman’s breast health, such as fibrocystic breast conditions (FBC).

The following characteristics have been associated with FBC[1]:

  • most common of benign breast conditions
  • multiple tender breast masses
  • may be cyclic in nature
  • may have exaggerated response to hormones
  • usually present as cyclic, bilateral pain and engorgement
  • pain diffuse, often radiates to shoulders and upper arms
  • prominent thickened plaques of breast tissue, often in upper outer quadrants

For many women sore breasts before their period is a painful fact of life which many have endured for a number of years. For others this pain could have only recently manifested itself and the sufferer may not yet have made the connection between their tender breast symptoms and the start of their menstrual period.

The Goodbye PMS clinic specializes in providing solutions to relieve the symptoms of PMS including breast tenderness, bloating and mood swings. We use non-invasive tests to establish the causes of sufferers problems and via a friendly consultation with a female clinician we can recommend ways of treating or alleviating these symptoms through the use of dietary changes.

Identifying the causes of sore breasts with the Goodbye-PMS clinic

Patients visiting the Goodbye PMS Clinic suffering with sore breasts are typically looking for answers for a very uncomfortable condition which occurs on a monthly basis.
Possible causes typically fall into two distinct groups –hormonal imbalances or nutrient deficiencies. In order to provide an effective remedy to the PMS symptoms it is important to firstly identify which of the two options is the most likely cause of the patients symptoms.

Hormone Imbalances

During the course of the month, a natural cycle occurs involving fluctuating female hormone levels which are all designed to prepare the body for a potential pregnancy. After ovulation which typically occurs about 10-14 days after the start of the last menstrual period, hormone levels increase and it is usually at this point that PMS type symptoms will appear. This increase in hormones has the effect of causing the body to retain extra fluids as a mechanism for preparing the body for pregnancy. It is this fluid retention that can lead to sore and painful breasts. Once menstruation occurs the fluid is released and the breasts become comfortable once more. It is frequently found that PMS symptoms such as sore breasts can be as a result of hormone levels that differ significantly from the expected norm.

At the Goodbye PMS Clinic we can offer a number of non-invasive tests in the form of saliva or urine tests that will measure hormone levels.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Studies have shown that deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals have been found to be occurring in patients exhibiting PMS type symptoms. When these deficiencies have been replenished PMS sufferers have reported an improvement in their symptoms. Other substances such as caffeine and a high intake of animal fats and dairy products are also sometimes believed to lead to swollen and painful breasts prior to the menstrual period.
Patients to the clinic will be led through a comprehensive consultation that will help the clinician to decide the most relevant tests to perform should a nutrient deficiency be suspected. All tests are non-invasive and usually involve saliva and/or urine testing.

How can the Goodbye-PMS Clinic give you relief from Sore and Tender Breasts?

Patients to the Goodbye PMS Clinic will be treated in a sensitive and sympathetic manner by a female clinician. We understand that PMS type symptoms can be extremely distressing to the sufferer and our female clinician will always strive to put patients at their ease throughout the diagnosis process.
Our consultations are conducted in a relaxed manner that will enable our clinician to decide the most relevant tests to perform in order to determine the exact cause of a patients sore breast symptoms.
Some patients prefer to undergo the tests in the comfort of their own home prior to a consultation in which case suitable test kits will be dispatched after a telephone discussion to identify the most relevant investigations to perform.

Overcoming Sore and Tender Breasts with the Goodbye-PMS Clinic

Research has shown that hormones in our body can be effected by the food that we eat.
The Goodbye PMS approach is based around an understanding that our every day food choices can have a real impact on our health and wellbeing.
Once a probable cause of the sore and tender breasts symptoms has been established our clinician will work with the patient to develop a plan of how to introduce the necessary changes to their diet that will most benefit them.
We specialise in friendly and non patronising advice from a qualified female nutrition consultant.
During the consultation we will discuss lifestyle in detail and any suggested changes to the sufferers diet will have been carefully thought out to ensure it is practical and fits in with their day to day routine.



Say Goodbye to Sore and Tender Breasts

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1. Kotsirilos V, Vitetta L, Sali A. A guide to evidence-based integrative and complementary medicine. Elsevier, Australia, 2011. ISBN 978-0-7295-3908-1